Best of 2023

A 'perfect storm' of failure led to a young homeless man's death in a fire near McMaster: MPP

Freedom of information request revealed details about death | 2023

He signed a will to give a church his Hamilton condo before dying. His partner calls it 'suspicious'

Court documents obtained by CBC led to investigative story | 2023

Best of 2022

No-knock police raids rising in Hamilton and Halton, new data reveals

Freedom of Information request revealed growing police trend | 2022

Document reveals why Toronto police searched home of renowned gunsmith killed in raid

Police documents reveal why officers raided gunsmith | 2021

Best of 2021

Hamilton health-care workers wore at least 1,000 expired N95 masks in 2020

Freedom of Information request highlighted pandemic-era issue | 2021

Hamilton man demands answers after 'degrading' no-knock police raid

Hard-hitting story on collateral damage from police raid | 2021

Renowned gunsmith killed in Toronto police raid. Family, experts want to know why

Agenda-setting, deep-dive into police-involved shooting | 2021

Best of 2020 and 2019

Patient data exposed at two Toronto hospitals

Enterprise TV story about hospital data breach | 2019